About Us


I am a 100% natural organic grower and caretaker. My mission is NOT for profit, it is to produce real food and to share the health rewards by doing so. I believe in minimal human intervention and utilize a system of crop rotation and cover crop co-habitation that my family has used for more than a century which reduces the need to supplement nature’s efficient processes while producing nutrient dense harvests. I plant certified organic, open-pollinated, non-GMO and old world heirloom seeds in a reclaimed alfalfa field, surrounded by more than 200 acres of green preservation land, that I now call Johnny’s Organic Farm.
Here at Johnny’s Organic Farm we take over 100 years of traditional organic farming know how and apply it to every one of the 60 plus varieties of natural open pollinated foods that we grow. Our small farm is a testimony to the passion for traditional farming in both reason and method. We are not a local front man for the commercially minded profit groups like many road side stands and grocers are. We are your local neighbor that provides for the Tri-State area.

On our farm we use nature’s natural cycles and processes to nurture the soil and nourish our crops. We are not driven by profits, investors or shareholders. We are driven by the need for wholesome raw food… Real food that our bodies know how to completely digest and utilize in order to maintain health, vigor and a super immunity.

Food from our farm means:

NO Herbicides
NO Pesticides
NO Chemical Fertilizers
NO Biomass
NO Preservatives
NO Additives
NO Dyes
NO Wax

ONLY healthy, natural, nutrient dense whole foods specializing in anti-cancer and heart healthy vegetables and herbs
Eating healthy is now easy, cheap and local.

Johnny’s Organic Farm prides itself in bringing to you a bounty of fresh daily picked varieties of vegetables and herbs that will nourish and feed your families and guests.
Local to local delivery, pre-harvest orders and custom grow orders are all available.

I founded Locally Raw to serve as a local knowledge and information source that will enable people to make well informed healthy decisions and choices when feeding themselves and their families. I also wanted to provide a place for local businesses, that support healthy, natural Non-GMO lifestyles, to tell us about themselves. By patronizing these local and green minded merchants you will be helping to “keep things local”. In order to reduce health care costs, people need to return to the healthy choices that build effective immune systems and the country needs to return to the root system of local production which is exactly what built America strong.

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