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The health of our body’s cells is so vital to sustaining good health that it must have its own page.  I have always been a scientist that farms and when it comes to health and healing, I have learned that we must look closely at the one thing that all living creatures have in common…cells.  While the mainstream focuses on devising better ways to track DNA and the multiplication of corporate profits, very little is being done in the field of health maintenance and nutrition nor, for that matter, in the education of the people regarding what is done, discovered or known.  This is possibly due to the amazing coincidence that although good health makes a lot of “sense” it does not make a lot of “dollars”.  Understanding the workings of the human body has been left in the hands of those who exploit science and good people in the field in order to make profits.  Nothing is wrong with making a profit but when it comes before the truth then I have a big problem with that.  It is as if those placed in charge with the safety and wellbeing of the public appear to concern themselves with selfish objectives that lack good conscience and practical social understanding.  It is my opinion that if the status quo and media educated people with truth after college, then the people would become confused and question why they spent the equivalent of a house mortgage on an education that taught them corporatized pseudo-science that is carefully composed to inadequately prepare those people for Life After Programing. If the whole truth were told very few people would become ill and they surely would not bury themselves in a mountain of social discrimination and economic debt as the majority does now-a-days. Think about it! Hundreds of redundant and specialized laws are passed every year that punish forms of discrimination, bullying, abuse and deception, carefully crafted to be in itself discriminatory and vague , yet the media consistently and repetitively  uses  de humanizing category labels such as black, white, Hispanic, minority, republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, radical, extremist, gay, lesbian, straight, pro-life, pro-abortion, pro-gun, anti-gun, middle-class, anti-Semitic, environmentalist, neo-con, capitalist, socialist and activist in their reporting as opposed to simply the person’s name or a generic description such as person or people. With all that division and hate mongering going on in the media scripting, it is no wonder why most people have become self-focused, dependent modernized slaves to the system.   I do not know about you, but I personally see people as either generally good or generally evil…not by any other category or propaganda label.


Am I confusing you with this? What does this have to do with Cellular Health?  Bear with me and you will see.  Let’s quickly look at the source of these human labels. For example a news reporter could easily choose to say, “Today in the news, a bank employee (man/woman) acted illegally and hurtfully forcing others to vacate their homes because the occupants could not make payments on the fiat loan the bank created electronically despite not having the money to loan in the first place… “; or ” Today in Manchester a police officer shot an unarmed citizen in the back because the officer was told by superiors to stop anyone running away from her using whatever means available and regardless of the consequences. The officer said that anyone running away is guilty (guilty first) and I have to protect the public. The mayor refused to comment until there was time for everyone to get together and come up with a court worthy story that explains why one person was compelled to shoot another without any viable facts or definitive proof of wrong doing. “; or the news writer could report, “Today in Washington, a group of people conspired to increase corporate profits and secure re-election funds by passing a law that forces everyone to purchase insurance that only adequately insures those who sell it or those who render services to it. Since food and disease care are such big businesses it is more profit-wise to insure people than it is to improve their health”.


Instead of such simplified truth the media reports that we are bombarded with every day sound like this… “In Hartford today, a dozen police officers stormed more than 15 homes in the predominately white middleclass blue-collar neighborhood arresting and evicting the occupants for their failure to keep up with their mortgage obligations.  JB Morganus commented that the scofflaws had ample notice that eviction was scheduled and their refusal to make payments on their loans as agreed to in the mortgage contract has consequences.  People have to live up to their obligations, said the CFO.


Or we hear…  “A white cop shot an unarmed black man in Manchester today. The white rookie cop claimed that the black man was carrying something suspicious and was trying to flee after being told to stop. Democratic council members and community activists do not believe the shooting was justified. The Commissioner said an investigation is under way;


Or a story like this… “Congress signed the Whitehouse law bill yesterday that will mandate a national health care insurance requirement for everyone. This landmark bill will provide national healthcare insurance for millions of economically challenged in the US who could not afford it. All people currently insured can keep their plan.  Democratic and Progressive lawmakers praised the bill stating that now no one will be denied health care, while the Conservative Republican lawmakers claimed it will only take the control away from the individual to make choices for their bodies and increase the costs of medical treatment and their current insurance premiums.”

What we all must understand is that no news story is authorized to run without an editor’s approval.  If a story does sneak out, damage control ensues if necessary and the leaker or whistleblower is socially eviscerated, the story is labeled a hoax or an act of retaliation, hatred or revenge and the cover-up story is repeated over and over throughout all the corporate owned media sources until the people start to repeat the cover story, almost verbatim, as if it was their own personal opinion on the event.  It appears to me that this type of action and reaction occurs nearly every day somewhere in our country.  Unfortunately, the majority of the audience falls prey to the information tentacles of the mainstream.  Most listeners and readers are sponges and simply absorb the words and emotions they hear without doing any research or without any logical thinking.  As amazing as this may sound, I think most people are spoon fed their opinions on all modern social topics. If someone is making big money by selling or feeding you a solution or an answer to a problem, may I suggest that you do some serious thinking before you start “parroting” your derived opinion to others. Think about this, trillions and trillions of dollars are earned by mega companies every year around the world …not by selling people the solutions to problems, but by selling them a treatment for a symptom of the problem.  Instead of eradicating or banning toxins in our water and food supply, they choose to sell you toxin filters or offer comprehensive body scans and lab tests and drugs to temporarily hide the problem and give you some temporary relief and get you to believe.  It appears that the system that we are all currently living in is not moving forward for the greater good.  The system we live in is using the history and archeological discoveries of past megalomaniacs to advance only a controlling few in a direction that eventually and naturally will end. Along the way billions of people struggle and suffer and die while the controlling few live out their fantasies. Humans are natural animals and the law of the jungle is imprinted and genetically programed into us no matter how much media tries to make you forget it. The strong survive - period!  Earth is divided into two basic categories and I do not mean land and water, or flora and fauna, I mean those that dominate and the submissives that cower beneath them.  The use of modern technology, historical civilization records and the mountains of “unethical” social and scientific research that the USA took from Germany after WWII has allowed some of the most insecure yet dominant individuals today to easily and effectively sway the public in the direction they want them to go. Essentially a small group of individuals can easily control billions.  They have the ways and means electronically, financially, socially and politically.

People are categorized and labeled. Political and religious beliefs are emphasized and labeled. Drugs are scrutinized and labeled.  Why is it then that a human necessity like FOOD is intentionally and repeatedly  ignored when it comes to categorizing and labeling.  The five essentials for humans to survive on planet earth are  Air, Water, Food, Shelter and Clothing (could be optional).  Why are the first three politically allowed to be tainted by the powers that be and then any consequences of their greed that affect the Air, Water, and Food, is publicly blamed on those who are just trying to get by (the slaves).  Want to stop pollution?  Then stop manufacturing and selling the very items and things that cause the pollution! If we are so technologically advanced why can we not find substitutes and alternatives to lessen the impact of our society on the planet that we call home.  I believe that there is probably too much profit in chemicals and plastic (petroleum products) and very little in sand (glass) or paper bags (renewable resources).

So, my round-about point is this… most people get the majority of their adult education from sources that control and edit what you are told.  The double standard of a person’s right to choose seems to be acceptable when it comes to a woman’s body but not when they are speaking about health insurance or healthy food. Cellular health and Orthomolecular Medicine have been studied and practiced for centuries around the world.  There have been hundreds of scientific and medical breakthroughs in that time which have not been made as public and accessible as the royal wedding or the Super Bowl even though those breakthroughs are curing diseases and illnesses that the modern illness-care industrial complex (ICIC) claim to be incurable or without cure.

Once I finish getting the 130 varieties of delectable vegetables planted for this season, I intend to share some of these amazing breakthroughs with you.

About 2500 years ago a man that all medical doctors have heard of stated, “ …let thy food be thy medicine, let thy medicine be thy food.”  His name was Hippocrates and even  today modern doctors take the Hippocratic oath however only about six percent of those doctors have had any formal education regarding nutrition.  How sad is it that professionals are graduated and licensed to care for the sick and yet they fail to scientifically understand the critical importance of nutrition and cellular health.  I guess if everyone knew how to be healthy then the 280,000,000 plus people employed in the illness-care industry around the world would be out of work.  I say give them a pink slip and let’s re-train and educate them properly so that they can earn an honest successful living by truly healing people…and not by being imprudent simply treating the obvious symptoms of illness.

Lots of great stuff to offer so check back every month. The most important thing you can do for yourself is to eat REAL FOOD and let your body do what it was designed to do…care for and heal itself.

JULY 2015

What if everything we have been told or taught in school and through the mainstream media was not entirely true?  What if the editors in charge of the dissemination of information were loyal pawns in the corporatized chess game of profits?  What if anyone who contradicted the corporations’ “approved” versions of science and history were ruthlessly  lambasted, chastised and demonized in the press so as to prevent the public from ever questioning the “approved truth” that the profiteers have devoted decades to establish?   What if Joe Public, being kept so busy, stressed and in debt, never took the time to ask, let alone explore, such questions.  Unfortunately, Joe Public is bombarded with unimportant issues like, flag burnings, taking selfies at the Brooklyn bridge and Bruce Jenner’s transformation, while poor Joe watches the devalued dollar plummet, costs of goods and services skyrocket as a result and the unconstitutional passing of laws that force people to spend money without choice.  Poor old Joe… I bet he is on statins, has an early stage of Diabetes and just came back from taking his wife for chemo after dropping off his 4 year old autistic grandson at daycare.

Well Joe…. Wake UP!!!!!  Stop being a victim and a slave.  Stop living in the stone age of old medical practices and limited doctor abilities.

The articles below are posted for all the Joe Publics out there who believe what they hear and see on the boob tube, newspapers and radio, and believe people with expensive diplomas in hospitals, court rooms, laboratories and  good old Washington DC .

It’s time to do something righteous, good and liberating.  Your health and your family’s health are your individual responsibility and should not be entrusted to those who get paid well for claiming that they know best.   The truth shall set you free.   Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!

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Cellular Medicine is a new scientific concept introduced by Dr. Matthias Rath. According to cellular medicine a chronic deficiency of vitamins, amino acids and other specific nutrients is the primary cause of today’s most common chronic diseases including various forms of the cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer and others. Never before was the deficiency of cellular bio-energy and bio-stability described as the primary cause of an entire group of diseases. This innovative approach to human health is based on a new understanding of the basis of health and disease in the human body: health and disease are determined at the level of millions of cells building our body, not at the level of organs. The optimum functioning of the body’s cells is the foundation of health, and in contrast, cellular malfunction leads to disease.Cellular Medicine emphasizes the role of micronutrients as co-factors of a multitude of metabolic processes taking place in the body’s cells. They help to convert food into biological energy needed to support cellular metabolism and to build the body’s structures. Many of these essential nutrients are not produced in the body, such as Vitamin C and the amino acid Lysine. These nutrients and many others need to be provided in our diet in sufficient amounts. In addition, even though the body can produce certain vitamins and amino acids, such as proline, the quantities produced are usually not enough to maintain optimum health.In addition to explaining the root causes of many common diseases in today’s world, Cellular Medicine also defines an optimum daily intake of specific micronutrients as a basic preventative measure for maintaining health and effective and safe control of many pathological conditions.Dr. Rath’s Principles of Cellular Medicine Are:

  1. Health and disease are determined at the level of the millions of cells, which compose the body and organs.
  2. Vitamins and other essential nutrients are needed for thousands of biochemical reactions taking place in each cell. A chronic deficiency of vitamins and other essential nutrients is the most frequent cause of cellular malfunction within the body and is the primary cause of cardiovascular system malfunction and other chronic health conditions.
  3. Cardiovascular diseases are the most prevalent diseases, because the cells building the heart and blood vessels consume vitamins and other nutrients at a  much higher rate than the other organs. This is due to the mechanical stress on the heart muscle and the coronary arteries from the heartbeat and the pulse wave of blood distributed around the body.
  4. Optimum dietary supplementation of vitamins and other essential nutrients is the key to the prevention and effective control of cardiovascular disease, as well as other chronic health conditions.

Main differences between Conventional Medicine and Cellular Medicine

Conventional Medicine Cellular Medicine
Fails to explain the root cause of diseases Provides scientific explanations of the underlying causes of many chronic diseases
Treatment focuses on controlling symptoms of diseases Aims at correcting the underlying causes of cellular pathologies leading to diseases
Conventional pharmaceutical drugs are by their nature artificial chemical substances that cause many adverse effects Vitamins and other nutrients are known to the body and are generally safe
Does not address prevention of diseases Prevention and eventually eradication of many human diseases is the main goal of Cellular Medicine

Dr. Rath’s concept of Cellular Medicine has been founded on the principle of biological synergy in maintaining healthy cellular functions and correcting metabolic imbalances. Vitamins, minerals and all nutrients in the body’s cells do not work in isolation, but they interact, cooperate and recycle each other for maximum biological effect. Therefore, in order to optimize and effectively restore cellular functions, specific micronutrients have to be carefully selected and combined in optimum ratios and proportions. These nutrient combinations are then subjected to scientific and clinical testing.

The effectiveness of the nutrient synergy approach pioneered by our research has been supported by our extensive laboratory studies and confirmed in numerous clinical trials, including double blind placebo controlled studies. Nutrient synergy has proven to be effective in various aspects of cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, arrhythmia), cancer, bone health, diabetes and many others.

The principles of Cellular Medicine should form the basis of a modern medical approach to health and disease. Each day that the implementation of Cellular Medicine is delayed, thousands of patients worldwide will continue to suffer and die from preventable diseases, which actually are not real “diseases” but are the consequences of a long-term deficiency of essential nutrients.

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Revolutionary developments in the field of micronutrients as key prevention | The Symposium Results | Maastricht, The Netherlands, April 2015

Significant New Findings At a Symposium in Maastricht, the Netherlands

A new study published by the Dr. Rath Research Institute confirms that the primary cause of cardiovascular disease is not elevated blood levels of cholesterol but a chronic deficiency of vitamin C.

This latest study from Dr. Rath and his research team substantiates Dr. Rath’s and the late Dr. Linus Pauling’s groundbreaking Lipoprotein(a) discovery published 25 years ago in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Rath and his team announced these significant new findings this week at a Symposium in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

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Revolutionary New Concept Of Heart Disease Threatens End Of Global Statin Market

April 24, 2015 – Only months after the American Heart Association gave up its warnings about dietary cholesterol, the cholesterol dogma of cardiovascular disease has now received its hardest blow yet. Scientific confirmation has just been published in the ‘American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease’ that atherosclerosis, the underlying process of heart attacks and strokes, is generally not caused by high cholesterol blood levels. It is rather the result of a structural weakness of the blood vessel walls caused by chronic deficiency of ascorbate (vitamin C).

Heart attacks, strokes and other forms of cardiovascular disease are the single largest disease on our planet with over 17 million deaths each year. The continuation of this disease in epidemic proportions proves that its true nature has not yet been sufficiently understood. Moreover, the current hypothesis that high cholesterol levels in blood triggers cardiovascular disease cannot answer the most basic question of cardiology: Cholesterol has the same concentration in both arteries and veins. So why do atherosclerotic plaques occur only in arteries – but not in veins? Moreover, why do they develop almost always in the few inches of coronary arteries – but rarely in other organs? Or why is atherosclerosis, a hallmark of the human race, basically unknown in animal species?

Researchers from the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California developed a unique animal model. It is a transgenic mouse that resembles human metabolism in its key aspects, the inability to produce vitamin C and, at the same time, the synthesis of human Lipoprotein(a) – a variant of low-density-lipoprotein (LDL). Using this animal model they demonstrated that atherosclerosis, generally, starts with a dietary depletion of vitamin C and the ensuing structural weakness of the artery walls. This metabolic condition results in an increase in serum Lipoprotein(a) levels and its accumulation in the vascular wall that parallels atherosclerotic lesion development.

This study confirms the scientific concept published in 1990 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA by Dr. Matthias Rath together with two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling. They proposed that Lipoprotein(a) is a repair molecule that functions as a surrogate for vitamin C in the impaired vascular wall.

The most fascinating aspect of this animal model is the fact that it reproduces a genetic switch, the disappearance of vitamin C to the appearance of Lipoprotein(a), from about 40 million years ago. It proves the concept that a distinct event during the evolution of man can explain the susceptibility of modern man to cardiovascular disease.

The ‘Call to End Heart Disease’, originally issued and signed by Drs. Rath and Pauling two decades ago, was renewed at a recent Symposium in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The ‘Maastricht Manifesto’ calls upon scientists, therapists, patients and the general public to support this noble goal and work towards the effective prevention of heart disease, thereby saving millions of lives and billions in health care costs.


Online access: http://www.ajcd.us/files/ajcd0007056.pdf

Study Authors: John Cha, Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Matthias Rath

Contact:               Paul Anthony Taylor

Email:                    paul.taylor@dr-rath-foundation.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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