Ready List

Our Ready List provides you with the particular crop varieties that are ready to be harvested.

We will update the list regularly as the summer progresses and more of our varieties reach maturity keeping you informed. You can find harvest forecasts in our Crop Report pages and every month we give you our vegetable and herb Pick of the Month. In this section we highlight the nutritional value and benefits of one of our super food heavy hitters.

Since we pick all our produce the morning of offering, we do not like to over pick in volume for the main reason that raw food begins loosing it’s complete nutrient value and flavors as soon as it is picked.  After a few days, fruits and vegetables loose nutrients and enzymes, breakdown and “rot”. The produce that sits beautifully in the crates, boxes and coolers at most local produce stands, stores and farmers markets that are open for business everyday, is NOT really fresh even though it may still have some nutrient value, provided it isn’t boiled or cooked, it does not compare to the flavor and nutrient value of produce that is available within an hour of being picked.  Makes you wonder how produce on the shelves or in boxes at most roadside stands can survive there until someone buys them weeks after they were originally picked. That’s why you will see melons, tomatoes, corn, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, apples, pears, peaches, etc. for sale by others before July and you will not see them available from us until late July or August.  If you see this commercialism remember : THEY ARE NOT LOCAL and most likely as a result NOT FRESH.  Many produce stands are middlemen and opportunists in the “food game” purely to make profits and in the effort to provide people with variety and choices that are out of season, these businesses buy from out of state or country, commercial farms or distributors and then hope to re-sell the “goods” to you.  These businesses do not rush to throw their money away at the end of the day so more often than not that wax coated apple or pepper, potatoe or carrot might be sold to you long past it’s nutritional peak. Their logic is…”its still good”.

Our selections are 100% locally grown, seasonal, fresh and highly nutritious. If ever there is anything left over at the end of our day, it is taken home and eaten that day,  or properly preserved for future family sustanance. We understand that sometimes people run out of choices or options to get the best food for their bodies and their families and have to settle for what others offer.  Just be sure that those offerings are local, fresh picked and verified Non_GMO products (when applicable) or else you are wasting your money.

However, you no longer need to do that! We offer the tri-state’s freshest nutrient dense flavorful food that is “Locally Raw”, grown 15 and 20 minutes away and hand picked from farm to you.  Our produce is NOT genetically modified, wax coated, chemical laden, spray painted, or oiled and then transported thirty, fifty, hundreds or thousands of miles to a warehouse, to the store or farm stand, and finally to your table. (Learn more about your food in our “You Need to Know“ section and the Need to Know Update page). Not only are we sure that your body will be doing backflips of joy after eating our Non-GMO, local, super fresh produce, we also believe that this customer based service that we provide can eliminate two very popular excuses that exist for not eating healthy, which are cost and lack of convenience; and, at the same time,  contribute to reducing your individual health care costs by boosting your immune system to prevent disease and illness.  “Local” and “fresh picked” can mean many different things to many different people and businesses…Our definition is clear and concise.  Local (27 minutes) and Fresh (picked daily between 5 and 9 AM) Any questions?

Friday – December 15, 2017 11:13 PM

Johnny’s Organic Farm will be set up inside Myer the Florist on Saturday (tomorrow) between 12:30PM and 6:00 PM along with some other local people who will be offering various specialties such as hot foods and local craft beers.  The RAW FOOD NOOK will be fully stocked with 12 of the best super-foods known to mankind, a dozen or more fresh dried local herbs for tea, freshly milled raw cacao powder for all your holiday cookies, pies and cakes.  If you like chocolate than fresh raw cacao will not disappoint those taste buds plus it is extremely nutritious.  What a great way to turn fattening sugar filled deserts into nutrient dense powerhouses that also curb hunger.  We will also have our raw homemade cacao bars (dark chocolate) that so many enjoyed this summer as well as a fresh batch of the cacao/coconut/goji cubes.  Lots of raw honey and raw bee pollen to go with three different types of organic green tea.

Why not stop in taste the local fare, get your picture taken by candlelight in the beautifully decorated holiday greenhouse and stop by the Raw Food Nook and pick my brain.  Winter tends to create an imbalance for me…so much data being uploaded and only a few opportunities to download.  I’ll be making delicious hibiscus, chamomile, and cinnamon tea with your choice of honey of course,  so bring your favorite mug and we will recharge your batteries so that you can glide through the up and coming holiday stresses.

If  we do not cross paths then I would like to wish everyone a meaningful, non commercialized and joy-filled Holiday!  You have all made mine as good as it could be and I thank you with a truck load of  gratitude.   Be Well.

Tuesday – October 24, 2017  7:56PM

HAPPY AUTUMN!  What a stunning display of Maples right now. Hopefully the heavy rains and winds do not forcefully strip the branches to much before the Oaks catch up. Since the turn just began and with the warmer days we’ve had, the leaves may not have been cut-off entirely from the “umbilical cord”. Once that happens, the connection between branch and leaf no longer holds (the abscission layer closes up) and the leaves fall.

I apologize for the delay in updating this page.  I wanted to post a brief update. A more detailed posting will follow.

I will be unable to harvest any crops for this coming weekend of Oct.27th.  The winter Squash already at our stand will be there until they are gone. The winter squashes (Lakotas, Sweet Greek Red, Georgia Roasters will reach their genetic peak of sweetness after being cured and in storage for at least 4 weeks. (I tend to wait 8 weeks + before I start tasting the sweet delicacies of winter).  So eat the Spagehttis, Butternuts and Acorns now in the next few weeks and by then the winter keepers can start to be tapped.

Various raw cacao goodies will be stocked inside the florist shop by Saturday PM and that includes the SQUARES!!!!  So all you fellow raw cacao junkies can resume that burst of life and nutrition that cacao provides just like we enjoyed all summer.

Spirulina, Chlorella, Bee Pollen, Hemp seed powder, Moringa, Wheat grass, Goji Berries and a few other super nutritious goodies will follow in that order, over the next two weeks.

The tea herbs have finished drying and will also be available, probably by next Friday (Nov. 3) The Sencha Green Tea and Ceremonial Grade Matcha will also be there.

The Raw Honey has already been put on the shelves.  The top shelf is OB (Orange Blossom) The next shelf down is what is left of the Spring/Summer Wildflower harvest (No Markings on the Lid) and the Summer Wildflower (WF II) is on the third shelf  down.  There may be a small harvest of Buckwheat on the horizon and would be located on the fourth shelf down when it is available.

I will be posting a season finale Post on this page before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Until then…Thank You to ALL and get outside for some of that fresh Autumn air and healthy solar rays. Give that chest pump a little work because your mind and body deserves it.  You’ll sleep like a log.

With some more rain and humidity we might still have a few flushes of Shittake Mushrooms to offer.  I will post that as soon as they are ready.


Here is a list of Non GMO /organic goodies that I will picking for the remainder of the season

Red Russian Kale

Black Tuscan Kale

Blue Curly Kale

Red Bore Kale

White Siberian Kale

Collard Greens

Dragons Tongue Mustard

Spicy Green Mustard


Genovese Basil

Lemon Basil

Dark Purple Basil






Spaghetti Squash

Butternut Squash

Acorn Squash

Brussels Sprouts


Green Bell Peppers

Yellow Sweet Peppers

Orange Sweet Peppers

Cubanelle Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers

Cayenne Peppers

If  we get some more rains we may still get a harvest or two of FRESH beautiful Shittake Mushrooms 

 Goji-Cacao-Coconut squares are now available as will be our new Raw Cacao Bars (pure raw cacao made into healthy unheated unsweetened dark chocolate).  I dip them in the raw honey for a health and taste bud blast!!

Also we will have  Raw Local Wild Flower Honey (The last harvest of  2017 Local Wildflower Honey will now be available ) .and No-Spray Raw Orange Blossom Honey,

and Raw Superfoods like fresh air dried Spirulina, Chlorella, Cacao Beans, Goji Berries, Red Maca Root, Moringa Leaf, Fresh Ground Turmeric , and other superfood goodies.  We also have fresh air dried Ceremonial 100% Pure Matcha and Sencha Green Tea.

Early Summer offers us all some very nutrient dense and diverse local nutrition. Summer also brings flavors and colors but just like the spring crops their cycles are shorter than we would like.  Living in a society that has become acclimated to year round produce grown and shipped to the grocery store warehouses from around the world has resulted in most people loosing touch with the value of eating local seasonal produce.  All animals eat local and have done so since time began.  By diverting from Nature’s master plan we, as modernized humans, inadvertently excuse ourselves from the natural world. There are numerous values to consuming local ecosystem foods one of which is living in the reality of the moment…within the environment in which we physically live.  So this summer experience the benefits, to your body, and live within your naturally designed purpose on planet Earth by adding local fresh picked seasonal foods to your diet.  Keep in mind that the USDA defines “LOCAL” as food raised within a 500 mile radius! Not all foods that are called local fit our rational definition of “local”.  Personally, I do not know of any terrestrial, non-migratory, animals that utilize 500 radial miles as a buffet (except for some mammals on the African and American Plains)  For the most part, natural critters find all they need within twenty or thirty miles of their “home”.  FRESH living food is the source of the necessary healthy nutrition required by our human bodies to avoid illness and disease while enjoying a vibrant and lengthy life span.   By eating transported warehoused produce, pre-cooked and frozen or commercially processed foods we waste our money on hollow nutrition and additives while missing out on the foods that supply our bodies with low calorie nutrient dense living foods which are seasonally offered by NATURE for a reason.  In the summer, we as average human mammals in a temperate climate do not need the higher caloric intake that we tend to require in the colder months of winter so nature offers us what we DO need to live locally in our home environments.

This season, stop by and experience the tastes of REAL LOCAL FRESH FOOD and take the step closer to better health. Do your body GOOD and stop wasting your coveted currency!

I hope to see you soon.



Friday,  October 6, 2017  10:26 PM

The shortening of days have sent the message to the flora and fauna to increase their efforts to prepare for the the impending  freeze of Winter. The migratory geese are triangulating, the trees are reverting back to the true colors of their leaves, the beaver are filling the larder with fresh willow and the deer are feeling the urge to merge. The summer annual crops, although still responding to the current warm spell with blooms and new fruit set, will very soon be faced with the inevitable end to their life cycles and in the coming weeks I also will be preparing for my short yet necessary hibernation. That means there will be some changes to the Myer Florist stand hours and to how the autumn and early winter harvest will be made available.  This weekend the hours have been changed and I will be there to provide information as needed.


The “Raw Food Nook”, inside Myer the Florist,  has been stocked today with the air dried bounty of this summers hard work. ALL items are 100% organically grown by yours-truly or have been carefully cultivated by traditional and highly reputable organic growers and fellow food purists, whom I have befriended over the years and trust, in Shizuoka, Japan and/or  Kamta in the province of Chinhat, India and the Sacramento Valley in California. I proudly offer you the opportunity to experience the genuine and exotic benefits of historical super-food powerhouses such as fresh ground Turmeric and ceremonial Match Green Tea of  the utmost quality, flavor and aroma.  The most prominent catechin found in matcha tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an even more potent form of antioxidant than Vitamin C or E.  Ceremonial Matcha powder contains a more highly concentrated form of EGCG than its loose leaf tea counterparts.  The air drying of all our raw plant based items, preserves the benefits which are widely published regarding the tremendous health value of these super-foods. When any food, herbs, green powders, or vitamins are heated above 110 degrees F  during their mechanical processing, many benefits are destroyed by the heat or radiation used by manufacturers and by the time you purchase them they could easily be 3 to 12 months old or older.   You will certainly smell and taste the freshness difference in our offerings.

When fresh local plant based nutrition is out of season in the Northeast, super-foods and herbal teas offer you a complete source of nutrition for balanced physical and mental health.  When you come home from a long hard or stressful day at work and the outside temps dip below freezing you can simply drink a big glass of super-food before dinner and cap the evening off with a warm cup of chamomile, passionflower and mint tea with a table spoon of raw honey… You will sleep like a log and wake up feeling great.  Although there are more winter goodies yet to come , so far the following are now available to keep you healthy, well rested and vibrant this winter:



Chlorella  (broken cell)

Goji Berries

Turmeric Root

Cacao Nibs coated with our own Non-GMO Sugar Beet syrup  (all the benefits of raw cacao with just a little sweetness)

Whole raw cacao beans

Red Macca Root

Moringa Leaf

Hemp Seed Powder



Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder  (see below for additional information)

Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Japanese Gunpowder Tea (gets the name from the raw leaves being rolled into balls before drying)

Passionflower (stress and anxiety relief, promotes a sound sleep)

Meadowsweet (one of the oldest recorded medicinal herbs – headache and migraine relief, pain relief, ulcers, diarrhea, indigestion, gout)

Peppermint (stomach upset, nausea, colds, flu, fever, flatulence, sinus congestion… and for that great refreshing taste!

Spearmint  (rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins—relieves fatigue and stress, somach upset, flatulence and nausea)

Chamomile (restful sleep, menstrual cramps, Diabetes /hyperglycemia management, stomach soother.   Note: check with a trusted medical advisor if you are pregnant, allergic to daisies, or have a bleeding disorder.



No Spray Orange Blossom

Local Wildflower

Local Buckwheat






For the weekend October 29th (see Market Schedule for hours)

Blue Curly Kale

Red Russian Kale

White Russian Kale

Red Winter Bore Kale

Siberian Kale

Portuguese Tronchuda Kale

Red Vulcan Chard

Swiss Chard

Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard

Georgia Collard Greens


White beets

Red Beets

Italian Parsley



Purple Mustard

Mustard Greens

Seminole Tribal  Heirloom Winter Squash

Delicata Squash

“Musquee de Provence” Heirloom Pumpkin (Old French Heirloom winter squash)


Also available inside Myer the Florist:

The third harvest of Raw Local Wildflower Honey will be available this weekend  as well as Orange Blossom Honey which is CLASSIC smooth and fragrant O.B.

and…Johnny’s  ” have one”  Honey Crunch Bars!

Bonam appetitionem!  Exsisto Sanus!


4 Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

1) Antioxidant Powerhouse: Matcha green tea powder contains more antioxidants than virtually any other food, including acai berries and pomegranates. It is a uniquely rich source of catechins, a group of antioxidants that protect cells from disruption by free radicals. The oxidative damage caused to normal cells by free radicals has been linked to chronic conditions like cancer, heart disease, and degenerative diseases related to aging.

The most prominent catechin found in matcha tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an even more potent form of antioxidant than Vitamin C or E. Matcha powder contains a more highly concentrated form of EGCG than its loose leaf tea counterpart.

2) Weight Loss: When it comes to losing weight, matcha green tea can help you in two ways. Firstly, its natural caffeine content promotes thermogenesis, the body’s production of heat, which helps burn more calories. Secondly, the EGCG in matcha green tea improves metabolism and promotes the breakdown of stored fat. One-two punch!

3) Reduces Stress: It also contains high levels of L-theanine, an amino acid which lowers stress levels but preserves alertness. Matcha green tea contains up to five times as much L-theanine as regular green tea. The L-theanine counteracts the caffeine in the tea, making matcha ideal for creating a mental state of relaxed alertness.

4) Detoxifying Properties: Since matcha leaves are grown in the shade and protected from sunlight, matcha boasts the richest source of chlorophyll compared to all other teas. Chlorophyll is a powerful cleansing and detoxifying agent that helps rid the body of heavy metals and other toxins. It is also responsible for the powder’s signature verdant color.

How to Make Matcha Green Tea

Using a spoon: To make matcha green tea, simply blend 0.5-1 teaspoon of 100% matcha powder and a small amount of hot water with a spoon to make a smooth paste. Add more water and sweetener as desired.

Using a traditional bamboo whisk: Put 0.5-1 teaspoon of 100% matcha powder in a large cup or drinking bowl and add a small amount of hot water. Whisk in a quick, light zig-zag motion until a layer of green froth appears on the surface. Add more water if desired. 100% matcha powder can be used for thin or thick matcha. The ideal water temperature for 100% matcha green tea is 150-180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Caffeine in Matcha Green Tea

There are approximately 45mg of caffeine per gram of matcha green tea powder.

What Does Matcha Green Tea Taste Like?

Due to its high levels of amino acids, matcha green tea has a deep and complex taste, initially bitter but with a sweet aftertaste.








NOVEMBER 11, 2015

Well with all the harvesting completed,  and all the raw herbs and super-foods dried, packed and ready to go I can finally announce that the Raw Food Nook at Meyer the Florist is stocked and ready.  In side the florist you will find all the super-foods, honey and herbs that were offered at the seasonal stand this summer with the addition of a few more therapeutic herbs fresh dried from my own herb farm.  Everything on the shelves of the “RAW FOOD NOOK” has been carefully and scientifically selected by yours truly to allow you easy access to some of the most effective and nutritious selections in the world.  I want you all to experience an illness free winter and, if by chance you succumb to a bug, have the tools available to kick your immune system into overdrive and “squash that bug”.

The RAW FOOD NOOK will have the key essentials of complete natural nutritious living all winter long and you will find the simple tools that are proven through history to get you on a path to vibrant health.  After all how did the human race manage to survive for thousands of years without antibiotics, surgery and modern chemicals…NATURE PROVIDES for all your body needs and I have dedicated 28 years of study, 24 years of practice and my blood, sweat and tears to make them available for you.  All you have to do is experience the powers of nature and join the billions of people around the world who already know.



OCTOBER 13, 2015

The 2015 season is winding down and with the many tasks necessary in order to prepare for the cold season I intend to continue harvests of various greens and remaining goodies for as long as I can.  I am working on establishing a working system that would allow future harvests to be offered at Myer The Florist either via coolers with drop bucket or at the farm stand it self.

If anyone would be interested in having greens and other goodies made available at Myer as mentioned above, please send a short email with a YES.

I will post the resulting Fall plan and schedule by Oct 18 based on this weeks  email responses.

Thank You


Week of October 18

Red Winter Kale

Sweet Siberian Kale

Black Dino Kale

Ruby Chard

Fantasia Chard

Rhubarb Chard

Black Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet Bell Peppers (Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple)

Sweet Italian Frying Peppers (Green, Red, Orange)

Sweet Cayenne Peppers

Possibly some cantaloupe and watermelon baring any frost.


Weekend of September 18

What a colorful time of year!  The harvest is saturated with bright nutritious colors.  They not only taste great but it all looks great on the plate!

TOMATOES. TOMATOES, TOMATOES…All types are peaking……..Bring your bags, time to start preserving and freezing.  Autumn is around the bend. The Orange Bell Peppers are especially crisp, juicy and oh so sweet.  I have been eating them like apples. And have been making “rainbow” salads of those sweet Bell  Peppers topped with slices of cucumber and heirloom tomatoes.  My newest recipe ( I thought of it one day while I was sampling the harvest in the field) I take an orange bell cut the top off, clean out the seeds and then stuff it with finely chopped cucumber, tomatoes, chard and kale. I pack it in nice and tight and when the sun gets over head it’s enjoyed in a few big bites.  Pure and simple. It’s so refreshing, delicious, nutritious and RAW! I love this time of year.

We are now open on Fridays at Myer the Florist from  3:30 PM  until 6:30 PM  Various tomato and sweet pepper varieties are available for home canning and freezing. Stock up now the harvest is nearing the end!!!!!

Shittaki will be available this weekend!  The harvest disapears fast so it is first come first served.  Sorry.

Honey - two new local tastes are being poured and will be available starting this Saturday. They will be available until the supplies runs out.  WF IV is Basswood, sweetclover and goldenrod.  WF  V is mostly Blueberry probably with some blackberry, dandelion and sweet clover. Yummm!!!!!!!



4 varieties of Chards

4 varieties of Kales

Baby Kales

Cucumber (Slicing/Pickle)

Sweet Cayenne Salad Peppers

Bell Peppers ( Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Chocolate)  Sweet and crisp…add a rainbow of antioxidant rich color to your weekend feasts.

4 varieties of Sweet Frying Peppers (Green, red, orange)

Jalapeno Peppers (5,000 scoville)*  Add some zip to your Labor Day BBQ

Criola Sella Peppers (20,000 scoville)*   Citrus tasting with some heat

Cayenne Peppers (75,000 scoville)*  Great heart medicine

14 varieties of  Heirloom Tomatoes

3 varieties of Italian Heirloom Eggplants

Family Heirloom Zucchinis

* These hot peppers are much more flavorful and tend to be a bit hotter than the commercial laboratory peppers one may be accustomed to.


Parsley (Italian)

Basils (Lemon, Lime, Genovese, Sweet lettuce leaf, Greek)








Lemon Balm

Tulsi (Holy Basil)




Cacao (whole raw beans and ground powder)

Red Macca

Moringa  (read more)

Hemp Seed (ground powder)

Goji Berries

Raw Local Honey  – The SECOND batch (WF2) of new harvest  Wildflower/Linden/Sweet Clover  honey is ready . It is a darker amber and tastes similar to last years Apple Berry and the THIRD batch (WF3) of  Wildflower/Blackberry/Buckwheat honey is poured and ready as well

Bee Pollen





 Weekend of July 10th









Sweet Peas

Snap Beans (Green, Yellow, Purple)

Sweet Turnips


Red Kamatsuna



Green Onions

Sweet Cayenne Peppers (limited qty – Saturday ONLY)

Caraflex (Green Asian Cabbage)

Red Cabbage



Parsley (Italian)

Basils (Lemon, Lime, Genovese, Sweet lettuce leaf, Greek)










Lemon Balm

Blackberry Leaves





Cacao (whole raw beans and ground powder)

Red Macca


Hemp Seed (ground powder)

Goji Berries

Raw Local Honey

Bee Pollen


Tentative Harvests

Raspberries (Saturday only)







Here is the 2014 Ready List.  May the feasting begin!

September 2014

The following can be picked  for the week of September 15th thru September 21st:

Yellow Bell Peppers

Orange Bell Peppers

Chocolate Bell Peppers

Red Bell Peppers

Purple Bell Peppers

Orange Sweet Frying Peppers

Green Sweet Frying Peppers

Green Bell Peppers

Moderate Heat -Criolla Sella Peppers (only 35,000 scoville units)

Italian Heirloom Eggplant

Yellow Zucchini

Black Zucchini

Yellow Green Stripe Zucchini

Green Zucchini


Red Kuri

Sweet Meat








and Delicious Heirloom Baking Pumpkins

Yellow Crookneck Squash


Curly Kale

Red Kale

Fantasia Chard

Swiss Chard

Collard Greens

Italian Parsley

Italian Basil


Also Available this weekend at all locations…

RAW Orange Blossom Honey

RAW Pennsylvania Wildflower Honey

RAW Wildflower Comb Honey

Fresh RAW  Honey Bee Pollen -  Sweet Stuff!!!!

Honey Sticks

(WILDFLOWER  COMB  HONEY  will be available while quantities last!!!!

The usual jar selections of extracted raw PA local wildflower and Orange Blossom honey is available .)


SuperFoods  ONLY at Meyer the Florist  Every  Saturday

Our  SUPER FOOD selections are in full swing, at the Myer Florist stand starting Saturday, June  21st. 


REAL RAW Honey – Right from the comb one of nature’s SUPER FOODS full of enzymes, nutrients and immune system boosters. Excellent on whole grain toast.     Jars  .50 lb (S),  1 lbs (M),  2 lbs (L),  3 lbs (XL), 4lbs(XXL)

Sweet and fragrant RAW Orange Blossom Honey .  Click the link and read about Raw Honey on the Crop Report Update page.

NEW  Unprocessed  Certified Organic RAW Red Maca Powder

NEW  Unprocessed  Certified Organic RAW Chorella (broken cell/ dehydrated). Controled environment raised. (Heavy Metal

Honey Sticks (clover and buckwheat)

Unprocessed Certified Organic RAW Cacao Powder

Unprocessed  Certified Organic RAW Spirulina (Controled environment raised/dehydrated) California. (Highest natural protien source in the world)

Unprocessed Certified Organic RAW Tibetian Goji Berries (dried) California


NEW  Raw Organic Non GMO Cacao Coconut Goji Bites (Get the powerful benefits of two (2) of earth’s most powerful superfoods and coconut  in a delicious raw dark chocolate treat. All ingredients are air dried so you get all the RAW benefits from this No-Cook preparation.  No sugar.

Unprocessed, air dried, Raw Cacao nuts.  These fresh beauties contain 620 antioxidants- the highest known source of antioxidants on the planet!!!  Highest natural source for Vitamin C, Selenium, Magnesium, Chromium, Iron, Maganese, Zinc, Copper. Two a day will do your body RIGHT!

Fresh Dried Organic Chamomile Flowers


Coming back soon:

Organic Non GMO  Honey Crunch Bars (Tasty nutritious snack –a complete food snack)


(*You Need to Know Updates    Very informative NEW documentary “Genetic Roulette”…a must watch for anyone who wants to be healthy )




I sometimes get so wrapped up in bringing real natural wholesome food to the community that I  fail to fully absorb the many nice and thoughtful words that many of you so kindly share with me via the website and at the stand. My most sincere THANKS to ALL of you for your devoted support and appreciative words. I am humbly grateful.

Some of Last Years Email Comments from the Community:

“i stopped by milford today at the end of your day..what a pleasant surprise!!..thank YOU for all the wonderful, nutritious gifts you produce from the earth !!

“It was our pleasure to meet you at your veggy stand in PA last week. Your
insight and knowledge of good eating practices helped heather & me answer
some questions about food sources. The red pepper I munched on while talking was
one of the best I’ve eaten in many years.”

“You have a unwaivering passion for your food and your community that is
impossible to find, you are gift to all who know you…”

“We can’t wait to return to Johnny’s garden. Loved all the heirloom tomatoes and
everything else last week. Thank you!!!”

“The rainbow chard was delicious. Thanks so much for the healthy food.”

“Thanks for all the help. I have already lost 8 lbs and I feel so energized. You are inspirational!”

“I love tomatoes and I have to say that I have never tasted one quite like your Black Krim. Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!”

“The shitakes were perfect. We could use more when they are ready. We love
the purple carrots…Your basil and purple carrots are the best in the area.”

“We love the orange blossom honey!!”

“Those black cherry tomatoes are out of this world delicious!”

“Thank you SO much for your responses! I truly appreciate it! Thanks for all that you grow and for the knowledge you share!”

“I was just checking out your website and am very impressed. I am leaving this
weekend for a week but when I return I look forward to visiting your farm stand. Can’t wait! “

“ …you have the best honey going.”

” I stopped by your stand last week on my way home to Long Island. I wanted to try your sweet corn and got 4 ears. You were so kind and offered me a taste before deciding but sweet corn is sweet corn and I just said no.  What a mistake!   I must say in all my 50 years of growing and eating sweet corn yours was the best tasting and sweetest I ever had. Top it off with having no sprays or chemicals I was so mad that I did not buy a dozen.  I will be driving back to Milford this weekend just to get a few dozen of that great corn. Amazing! How do you do it?”

“You are a wealth of information and certainly do your homework on all sides! ”

“Might have to stop by the stand on Sunday for some more Tulsi Tea & honey
crunch bars to get through the week!”

“Those beets were the sweetest I have ever tasted.  Thanks for the great smoothie recipe and the delicious raw stuff to make it with.”

“OMG…..unbelievable delicious the tulsi tea! And just got off the Dr. Mercola
website where he talks about the benefits of this tea!!! I’m hooked! Drank one
mason jar after picking up my delicious veggies and am steeping another one now.
Also can’t stop eating that honey crunch bar … good!”

“Thanks again for all your hard work and caring about heirloom and organic

“Love those fresh herbs.”

“I just picked up your business card today with my husband and checked out your
website. Awesome that you provide organically grown veggies. Yeah!!!!”

“The best salad I ever had!”

“Everything is delicious. We loved the beet greens. If there are any left, we could use another sante pan

“Thanks for the help with healthy eating.”

“You always have to best info!!”

“My husband and I were so impressed with your knowledge and the delicious selections that we will be back every week. If some people have a green thumb you certainly have a green hand. Go Johnny go!”

“Your veggies are so tasty!!! What a difference locally raw makes. Thank you.”

“You are the poster child for real food.  Can’t wait for your tomatoes and corn.”






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