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April 29, 2016



December 27, 2015

Well, I hope everyone had a very healthy and happy Christmas and Hanukka and to anyone who does not recognize the celebration of those two religious holy days, I hope you are feeling the benefits of vibrant health and the happiness that comes from being healthy.

I have just completed a seven week research marathon that consumed me seven days a week and an average of 5 hours a day in order to get a better mental grip on the present day insanity that clearly appears to be dominating the minds of those srticken with the most loathsome and malignant diseases known to mankind… The insatiable and unconscionable lust for power and financial wealth without remorse or social recourse. Having strong deep roots in Human Behavior and Social Psychology in addition to having been employed by the inner circle of our country’s greatest spin-doctors and propagandists, I cannot help but to easily and clearly see the forest through the trees. Anyone who has never worked with language, video, historical, scientific or social manipulation on a national scale will most likely be completely lost in dis-belief if they were to read or hear the translucent truth that exists beyond the slaughterhouse walls. (transparancy in government is NOT what exists – it is translucency)

Initially, my intent was to write a post about the Sodium Benzoate assualt on the American public, specifically our children. My research marathon and an innocent comment made by an in-law this past weekend ignited a fire deep inside me and dispite my knowing that no matter how destructive a substance is to the human animal, if some stranger without a name woking in a laboratory without four walls claimed it is safe than the majority of the masses will consume it and then as years go by they cry at the funerals of their loved ones. All the while the profit machine keeps accumulating wealth at the expense of the ignorant. It is a page out the history books and without a complete divine intervention on behalf of human awareness, we are destined to experience these events far into the future. So, instead of writting about the REAL danger of food additives in this post, I have decided to present the FIRST step to living healthy. Just as a thorough cleanse and detox of the body is the first step to curing the body of chronic illness, so too is a detox the first step necessary for social health. In order to protect ourselves from danger we must know what danger looks like, what it smells like, what it tastes like, where it resides and how to eliminate it. Only after we know these things can someone take the subsequent steps to a healthy happy life for you and those you love. Let me introduce you to the most dangerous and powerful threat to your health. PROPAGANDA.

A very insightful and learned man named Jacques Ellul authored the best “lay-man” exlpaination and most precise informative book I have ever read and studied on propaganda. (I have read many) Titled “PROPAGANDA: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes” (Vintage Books-A Division of Random House Edition 1973 (copyright 1965 by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc) which focuses on the simple science and effective techniques used in todays society to sway public opinion and essentially “brainwash” the masses. He also authored the book “The Technology Society” which is an interesting read on it’s own.

To those who believe they are intelligent and spot-on with their “educated media opinions” and who think they are open minded, just and accurate in their beliefs, I would like to pose a challenge for you to consider. A dare, if you so desire. But before we get to the challenge allow me to introduce a bit of preemptive insight. In the movie “The Matrix” (1999)  Mr. Fishburne so eloquently presents the essence of our current modern world in a clear example of Hollywood mimicking reality after which Mr. Reeves accepts the opportunity to experience reality and the real story begins. (See video clip below)

The Challenge:  In my world, if someone wants to form a sound respectable opinion they begin with conducting mountains of research so as to expose themselves to the most information on the myriad of existing views regarding the topic that they would like to form an opinion on. Then using the knowledge you gained, your intelligence and common sense you can now form your own opinion.  I realize that most modern slaves do not have the time to invest in researching all the facts necessary to expose truth so I offer the title of a book that offers the framework of science and history which should enable you to establish your own conclusions and thus an educated opinion but only if your mind is honestly open to truth and reality. If you want to kick your “blue pill” dependency and are curious enough to learn just how brainwashed (the rabbit hole) you really are…Simply read Jacques Ellul’s book referenced above. It could very well be your “Red Pill” ticket out of the matrix. I dare you!

In the earnest effort to expand your mental social health I have included two brief excerpts from Jacques Ellul’s book – Chapter II “The Conditions for the Existance of Propaganda” and Chapter Chapter V “The Socio-Political Effects” so that you might be inspired to grab a copy and join the migration of people who now exist within the beautiful world of reality and understanding. Everything cloudy with suddenly be clear, in other words Translucency will become Transparency.

Chapter II “The Conditions for the Existance of Propaganda

“…even in a democracy, a government that is honest, serious, benevolent, and respects the voter cannot follow public opinion. But it cannot escape it either. The masses are there; they are interested in the politics. The government cannot act without them. So what can it do?

Only one solution is possible: as the government cannot follow opinion, opinion must follow the government. One must convince this present, ponderous, impassioned mass(of people) that the goverment’s delusions are legitimate and good and that its foreign policy is correct. The democratic State, precisely because it believes in the expression of public opinion and does not gag it (silence it), it must channel and shape that opinion if it wants to be realistic and not follow an idiological dream. The Gordian knot cannot be cut any other way. Of course, the politial parties already have the role of adjusting public opinion to that of the government. Numerous studies have shown that political parties often do not agree with that opinion, that the voters-and even the partymembers-frequently do not know their parties doctrines, and that people belong to parties for reasons other than ideological ones. But the parties channel free-floating opinion into existing formulas, polarizing it on opposites that do not neccessarily corespond to the original tenets of such opinion. Because parties are so rigid because they deal with only a part of any question, and because they are purely politically motivated, they distort public opinion and prevent it from forming naturally. But even beyond party influence, which is already propaganda influence, government action exists in and by itself.”

Chapter V “The Socio-Political Effects”

“… I stressed that everybody is susceptible to the propaganda of his(or her) own group. He (She) listens to it and convinces himself (herself)of it. He is satisfied with it. But those who belong to another milieu ignore it. According to an I.F.O.P. survey (No. 1, 1954), everybody is satisfied with his own propaganda. Similarly, Lazarfield, in his survey of radio broadcasts, cites the case of programs designed to acquaint the American public with the value of each of the ethnic minority groups in the American population. The point was to demonstrate the contributions each group was making, with the purpose of promoting mutual understanding and tolerance. The Survey revealed that each broadcast was listened to by the ethnic group in question (for example, the Irish tuned in the program about the Irish), but rarely by anybody else. In the same way, the Communist press is read by Communist voters, the Protestant press by Protestants. What happens? Those who read the press of their group and listen to the radio of their group are constantly reinforced in their allegiance. They learn more and more that their group is right, that its actions are justified; thus their beliefs are strengthened. At the same time, such propaganda contains elements of citicism and refutation of other groups, which will never be read or heard by a member of another group.”

This last excerpt should ring a bell loud and clear for those who have watched in disgust and fustration as the one congress “with two names” in Wash DC, and CNN MSNBC and FOX News continue to broadcast B.S. that only unites the brainwashed in each common group by party or political agenda and pits them against the other groups in what seems to be the US version of the 2000 year old middle east conflict.  An infinite no win battle. Stop listening to, and reading, your daily instraments of division and start reading the law that was written to unite us. The law referenced is 228 years old, it only has 4,400 words and was written to protect you from exactly what seriously threatens you, and all Americans, today. (HINT: It is not guns, gay rights, global warming or a religion) United we all stand… Divided we all fall. Its your personal choice people. Choose wisely – the health of mankind is at stake.

PS:  I will be posting my findings on Sodium Benzoate on  our Need to Know Update page




November 2013

A Four Part Exploration on How Politics, Science, and Money Affect What We Eat

I began my daily study of media and politics way back during the Clinton administration because I began to notice that the government was ignoring the laws which were specifically written to prevent them from becoming tyrannical.  Our last three presidents have each had a key role in dismantling the laws which made US the apple of the world’s eyes.  Part One of this four part rant, contains my initial wake up call  to the real world around me, how that Administration  diluted our national sovereignty, globalized us, and of course, it is all tied together with some good old common sense.  Part Two will take a peek at Administration Number 2 and the domestic setup, Part Three will skim Administration Number 3 and Part Four will tie it all together as simply as possible.

PART ONE  The Awakening… Logic, Reason and Rants

I was born into a family of outdoors enthusiasts, explorers, scientists, naturalists and entrepreneurs.  I grew up in the outdoors and had my first garden when I was 6 or 7.  Many years later I heard someone complaining about the loss of our National Park system as we knew it.  I became confused and I needed to understand why  then POTUS  Clinton would sign an executive order (#13269 or something like that) that allows  the United Nations  to influence the management and use of our National Parks and Monuments. . Executive Orders are  essentially a tool/privilege  granted to the President by the Constitution that permits Presidents (Administrative Branch) to avoid the law that requires ALL legislation to pass through Congress if time was of the essence in critical national matters. Our Founding Fathers did not intend this ability to be utilized habitually to circumvent Congress (the Legislative Branch) which, by law,  is bound to represent the will of the people who elected them.  President Clinton, in his 8 years as P.O.T.U.S. ,  by- passed Congress  three hundred sixty four (364) times!,  This is how the management of our National Park System, National Monuments and Biosphere Zones became indirectly controlled by The United Nation’s World Heritage Foundation. It explains why these areas are now BIG Business.  Seven or eight dollars just to launch your boat and park at a river access  is downright greedy and discriminates  against American citizens who are economically challenged.  It is public land for  use by all US citizens…at least that is what Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir intended.   UN control explains why visitors are now corralled, or fenced in sometimes, in many of the parks under the auspices of personal safety. How did the millions of people visiting the Delaware River or Grand Canyon every year for centuries survive without international commercialism,  fences, outhouses, refreshment stands and souvenir shops scattered about the parks, not to mention the traffic inside these parks or the Walt Disney World sized employee staff. They are all Tax payer employees and civil servants (The Grand Canyon is so commercialized now) . The UN requires that Washington manages the Park and Monument system their way so if the UN deems something a threat to their view of global preservation in any of their World Heritage fantasy land grabs then it is treated as a threat and curtailed via force or EOs. (look up Georgia Guide Stones – what is that all about?)  From what I understand the Feds cannot be sued for the  negligence of it’s citizens the way private corporations can be sued for negligence(Tort).  So the campaign to convince us that these changes are for our safety, in these parks, seems to be a stretch.  Someone please logically explain  how heavily armed and tactically trained police (aka Park Rangers), controlled viewing areas, volumes of restrictive laws,  and  high access fees make the parks safer than simple (locally made) signs which caution people of any danger and warns them that they accept ALL risk and responsibility for their actions inside the park.  Signs are much cheaper and work extremely well for humans with common sense and a real third grade education. International symbols can serve any foreign tourists and park guides and Ranger Rick would add a bit more input when it might be needed.  I see the resemblance to the propaganda campaign which claimed that seat belts save lives.  On an intellectual level we all know safe driving saves many many more lives than seat belts.   I believe that if everyone were to receive GOOD driver’s education and those graduates focused on the task of driving (like it used to be) we would be much safer on the road. Does a law really make things safer…or does it just create a punishment and revenue stream bureaucracy. Mature, un medicated well trained drivers do not need to be legally forced to wear, and punished for not wearing, seatbelts.  Seatbelts do not really save lives like careful driving does. The increase in prescription med use seems to parallel the increase in road rage and traffic accidents.  Prescription meds are controlled DANGEROUS substances but despite that fact,  we are allowed to drive under their influence without punishment or incarceration.  People who text while driving without adequate training at doing both are immature,  irresponsible and selfishly dangerous to everyone.

Back to the UN World Heritage Foundation and finishing the puzzle of understanding.  Do you remember the most recent “great  government shut down” and how it was to have destroyed our economy and ruined our  lives? It did not ruin your life you say???  Of course not!

FYI: Did you ever ponder this true fact:  Our Federal government shuts down every weekend  and on those long holiday weekends as well. Every week the Federal government shuts down. Everybody leaves their lights and heat or AC on (keeps the bills high for taxpayers and returns a profit and revenue stream to the utility companies), the employees lock all their doors and vacate government buildings for two, three and sometimes four days, yet the world keeps turning.  Imagine that!!!  Sounds like we are in economic danger every week if what the media and whitehouse claimed was true!   Maybe  our government should never close down and then citizens could access their public servants 24/7/365 if they feel the need. That would be getting our money’s worth.  I bet those 22.5 MILLION government employees would not be so rude or vague with you when you call for help if they were told, or reminded every day, that you were their boss and their job description was civil servant.

So the UN controls the National Park System from behind a curtain and when the Feds shut down for a long weekend what did the spiteful, manipulative, self-serving robots shut down ?  PUBLIC  USE  AREAS…the national parks, monuments and veteran memorials yet they still paid employees to show up for work in order to keep you out of the parks! How much did that save? Then the media propagandists focused the blame on the other side of the aisle to help the President save face when it was actually the whitehouse that chose what to shut down and when.  I am sorry but I have some intellectually logical issues with that radical propaganda move. Number 1: With 22+ million employees on the taxpayer funded  payroll (,   a good percentage of those jobs  do not offer  any benefit to the citizens directly  (like the I.R.S., Federal Dept. of Education, Federal Dept. of Energy, Federal EPA,  and  the FDA) and are simply taking up space  year round in huge  semi-vacant fully heated castles, why didn’t they close those millions of square feet down for the long weekend instead of public use places  which in fact still needed  paid workers to prevent the public from entering.  These people are not very smart if their intent was to cut costs. They ALL need to be fired and replaced with literate, honest, law abiding citizens…not politicians, lawyers or bankers.    Number 2:  By choosing to close public spaces and to deprive the people access to meaningful places, the whitehouse clearly demonstrated the obvious intent to inflict pain and discomfort on all Americans so as to coerce the public support .  Adding insult to injury they ran away from responsibility while pointing fingers and accusing others just like school yard bullies.  They play rough and then run like cowards if they do not win or get caught by the people.   It is now safe to assume that this President holds a position that is way over his emotional and intellectual head.  Shame on all his advisors, staff and “legal experts” for taking advantage of his feeble mindedness and immaturity.  We need a law abiding and intelligent leader not an egotistical “king” with a personality disorder.

Final  Thoughts to Remember:

Bill Clinton is only the second President to ever be Impeached (Andrew Johnson was the other—Nixon resigned under pressure).  Just like everything else they want to erase from our memories, the “powers that be” just  ask the media coverage and text  books to omit it and the people, in time, forget it.  In three generations it is completely gone and unless the children are home schooled, they will most likely never know those events occurred. Do you really know the backgrounds and social history of the people who write, edit and publish scholastic text books?  Probably not…you probably just assume or believe that they know what is best for impressionable young minds after all they are “experts”…aren’t they? Would you trust the daily care of your children to Anthony Wiener, Elliot Spitzer, Bill Clinton or a stranger in a mall? Why do we trust and accept the intentions of the invisible writers of the knowledge that is being spoon fed to our children?

Like ALL government granted privileges that are abused, Executive Orders should be revoked if abused.  Do you really think that 364 Executive Orders (EO) were necessary for the critical preservation of rights and freedom for the citizens of the US in those eight years?   If they were necessary, then they are not telling us the truth about the state of the Nation.  What else are they not being truthful about? If these EOs were not critical for the preservation of freedom and the individual rights of American Citizens than who or what were they critical to or for??

That will be a Tractor Talk for another day.  I am still doing research on that.  There are a lot of spin-doctored opinions impregnated with political emotion touted as facts out there and it takes hundreds of hours to weed through and verify everything. I personally would never want to be trapped in the box of blind ideology and self-serving belief that seems to imprison a majority of the closed minds in our society today that truly believe that they are both well informed and well intentioned.  There is absolutely no place for propaganda and narrow-mindedness in the quest for true facts.  Garbage in…garbage out I always say.


PART TWO  The Observation…Looking both ways before crossing the road

George W Bush (aka Republican) took his Oath of Office in January 2001 and served two terms until 2009.  He issued and signed 291 Executive Orders which by-passed Congress.  In 2001 alone he issued 54 taking full advantage of the media sponsored distractions and witch-hunts which dominated that year.
So let’s see… In the left corner we have “the impeached”  WJ Clinton with 364  EOs and in the right corner we have ”the patriot act” GW Bush with 291 EOs for a grand total of  six hundred and fifty-five(655) Executive Orders issued in 16 years all of which usurpingly by-passed our Legislative Branch of Government (Congress).  Well, just looking at these statistics I can clearly see that the so called Democratic Party President was much better at by-passing Congress  than the so-called Republican President. Hey facts are facts and I have no problem with calling the winner a winner.  However, there is a big difference between the roles played by each of the “two parties”.  First and foremost the reality is that the Democrat Party and the Republican Party in society today are simply two different sides on the same coin and there in lies the propaganda mission of corralling the public into only thinking two parties thus driving deep the main wedge of social division promulgated by the mainstream media.  With the repetition of  non-sense such as …” a third party would take votes away from a media choice candidate” (uh….yeah  that’s what democratic elections tend to do and what they are all about!!!! Getting the most votes). Based on the thousands of people I question every year it would appear that we should have five political parties in this country.  There seems to be five distinct belief platforms among the population who are being forced to vote for one of two people who both represent the same principles…..which are “NONE”.  I am not a proponent of labeling or defining people as groups but to make my point and for the sake of communicating to the reader in the socially accepted discriminatory verse we have been taught by the media, I would label the parties and their platforms as follows;

 The Constitutional Republic Party – Rule by The US Constitution and defend Individual Freedoms;

The Anti-Constitutional Lobbyist Party – Circumvent The US Constitution to serve the rich and powerful elite, extend presidential term limits to 20 years and  expand the US global empire;

 The Radical Social Fascist Party – Eliminate the US Constitution and install a dictatorship dedicated to economic collapse and racial divide;

 The Corporatist Party (B.Y.O.B.) – Enslave the population through debt, fear, and  police state control; and lastly

The Ignorance is Bliss Party – Eliminate elections, have someone appoint a King to the throne, and provide everyone with free cable, free cell phone service and weekly fast food coupons.

With five parties I believe that the majority of people would actually find someone out of the five that they think they agree with.

With five parties like this there would be a few challenges:

1.  It would make the propaganda control and media persuasion of the public  more difficult because now more people would awaken and see that our media chosen presidential candidates are simply rescued glue horses from unproductive pastures that are wagered on in the public theater by the ruling elite.  When the election process gets to the point where it costs many hundreds of millions of dollars to win an election you have to recognize that it is being run unfairly (who gets the steroids?) so if the bet placers have five horses to fund and wager on then the average cost of presidential campaigns would be reduced thus allowing more viable independent candidates to contend. The other option for the horse owners would be to funnel more money into the race which would result in more favors owed to the horse owners by the winning horse.

2. When one out of the five different party platforms receives the highest amount of funding the public would then be able to see just where the minds and thoughts of the ruling (fund providing) class really are. This somewhat forces the ruling class to show their cards and that transparency would likely alienate some of their misled voter base thereby jeopardizing the success of their chosen mare. Let’s just say that the combined collaborative election slush fund of the ”horse breeders/owners” is 10 billion dollars.  That money is needed for documented campaign contributions, non-profit organization funding, media pay raises and bonuses, private investigators, fund raiser parties, charter planes, limos, bodyguards, fund raiser vacations, gifts, and numerous other avenues for supporting your favorite horse.   With only two parties there is theoretically 5 billion per party.  With five major parties there would theoretically be only 2 billion per party if the self serving philanthropy is equal.  Which we know it would not be.

3.  The turn out on election day (if votes are actually counted) would be higher with five parties than it normally is with two parties. since more people would believe that there was a candidate in the race that shared their views.  Although their views may be “a few bricks shy of load” they would be drawn in to support the candidate they hope would win.

4. There would be a scramble by the elite to protect their lifestyles and legacies probably resulting in the central banks flooding the already saturated money supply causing a banana republic condition or calling in all their loans and triggering a systemic banking crisis resulting in bankruptcies, foreclosures and economic collapse these self induced tragedies would perhaps be blamed on the deviation from a two party system, or the election of an “unqualified” underdog candidate, or blamed on any positive changes benefiting the citizens instituted by the newly president elect.  Regardless of what stories of fear they sell the public through the mainstream to distract and confuse, or what controlled disasters that are staged and executed, or what illegal serendipitous laws are passed and enforced in the desperate attempt to enslave all free minded  citizens (no child left behind), the end game is still the obsessive quest to establish an elite global government and a global electronic currency which clearly equals the end of free mankind.

You see friends, the media propaganda machine has created a social environment of ignorance, fear and reliance.  This is extremely dangerous to human civil rights, individual liberties, our natural environment and freedom as a whole.  This media scripted scientifically engineered social experiment is the backbone of our modern day slavery condition.  How many of you receive compensation equal to the difficulty or importance of your job? How many of you can quit your current job tomorrow without stress or concern?  How many have no debt? How many own tangible assets and are largely self reliant?  I can comfortably guess that less than 5 % of our citizenry can fit that mold and most of that 5% are the ruling class.  Everyone else is just a modernized slave.  Yes a slave!  But you’re saying, “slavery was abolished and I earn six figures, I live in my own home, I have a vehicle, I go where I want when I am not working and I have an I-Phone”.  I bet you whole-heartedly believe that you are free and live in a free country.  Believe it or not you are enslaved if you cannot quit your job tomorrow.  An inability to quit means you believe that you cannot survive without your job or your “stuff”.  If I sell you the “American dream” (exactly who’s dream is it really?) of a  life of ease, convenience, propensity and debt and then I offer you work so that you can maintain your blind desires and repay that debt enabling you to continue to feed your insatiable appetite to buy more useless material things that you do not need… as soon as you accept my employment offer or borrow money from me you have  become my slave. I own you.  If you do not do what I tell you to do you will be fired (unless you work for the government because salaried voters are valuable).  If you get fired you will have no income.  Without income you will loose your possessions and your home.  Without income you will be unable to maintain the lifestyle that corporations and Hollywood have  inveigled you to believe is the only and best way to live.  When more and more plantation owners leave the country in search for more profitable opportunities using less demanding slaves there will be fewer plantations to work on in the USA and a slave without a plantation is considered a runaway, rouge or anti-social,  placed on prescription medication and eventually she will end up at the mercy of evil people who have no conscience or remorse.

How did we get to a point where slavery is alive and well in the USA.  Well the invisible chains were forged in our new country along time ago but in 2001 the plantation owners were granted the opportunity to build the walls of control and clamp the shackles on anyone they chose to prevent any runaway slaves.  That malicious cornerstone was deceptively named the Patriot Act and it subtly reveals the true meaning behind Mr. GW Bush’s famous statement of duplicity, “You’re either with us or you’re against us.”  Who exactly did he mean by “us“?   Who was he actually warning?

[ To be cont......]



May 2013

Eat, Drink and be Wary

Humans are mammals and mammals are an integral part of nature and the food chain. We were born with bodies that convert “food” into energy, heat and fertilizer.  Our bodies miraculously extract naturally occurring nutrients from the food we consume and use those raw materials as building blocks, or fuel, for every process, organ and function in our entire body.  Humans are natural.  Our bodies were never pre-programed to know what a man-made “additive” (of any kind) is.  How could a natural body, unchanged in thousands or hundreds of years, possibly know what to do with a chemical, additive or dye made by any industrialized society or corporation?   Our body’s immune system is programed to attack ANY foreign “thing” that enters the body whether by orifice or skin.  If it is synthesized by a person or machine in a laboratory or factory, it is foreign to the human body.  When our immune system detects the foreign invasion of a substance it attacks the invader. Many people know all about these immune system responses if they suffer from any allergies.  A lifetime of consuming manmade additives, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes and now GMOs (genetically modified organisms) will result in an exhausted immune system and an insufficient supply of nutrients, needed by the body to fight and defeat the invaders.  It is an unhealthy “Catch-22”.  Eating processed, chemical laden and GMO foods trigger an auto-immune response in the body and yet the necessary fuel needed to strengthen the immune system is inadequate or lacking entirely.  A compromised immune system leaves the door open for almost every ailment symptom treated by doctors today and the main reason why the health care industry is profiting and growing. Therefore in order to truly benefit from food our diet needs to be natural and raw.  Because natural is what we still are despite what a salesperson, a government agency or person in a white coat with an expensive diploma wants you to believe.

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