Nature’s Wonders

On this page, we will feature photos and videos that reveal or explore the mystical wonders and beauty of nature from all angles. Please take some time out from your busy lives to experience it!  Feed your inner Chi.

November 23, 2015

I cannot believe that a year has passed since I added a new post to this page!  I guess I was waiting for the right clip to surface and I think this one was worth the patience and time invested.  As a society, America has prided itself on numerous freedoms which are what drove so many to migrate here over the last three hundred years. Despite the obvious loss of many of those freedoms under the questionable and unsubstantiated auspices of protecting the safety of  ”an unspecified someone”, people still keep coming and continue to believe that our country offers better than what they gladly left behind. Unfortunately, the memories of the real freedoms we once enjoyed, prospered from and died for exist feebly in the minds of those who wearily cling to the tattered remains of our priceless and tyranny shattering Bill of Human Rights.  I will be exploring this phenomenon in a coming Tractor Talk post however, I did want to tap in to that thought to semi-address those who exist purely to find fault in anything good, religious, or natural.

With that introduction I offer the following inspiring and thought provoking natural and social journey titled “An Interview with God”.   It has been some time since I experienced so much sound wisdom in one 3 minute visual.  If you are like me, this clip will instill a calmness and a smile.  In each pearl of wisdom I was reminded of my parents who guided me in my youth with these very same words.   In our modern society, with the media pontification of tolerance and acceptance, I am amazed at just how many people out there preach it but cannot exercise those concepts equally and respectfully.  I have seen people actually walk away from someone for merely mentioning a generic nondenominational word like …GOD.   I am sure just seeing the title of the clip will cause some to hesitate and possibly even skip over it.  C’est la vie.  Those of you who are grounded in goodness, are wise, strong, kind, tolerant and intelligent this one is for your self reflecting pleasure. (You may want to watch it twice; once to absorb the wisdom in the simple words and again to fully absorb nature’s canvas in the background.) Enjoy the journey.  Happy Thanksgiving.


November 19, 2014

Every year, around this time, I begin my annual reflection of the days which have passed by so quickly. I soak up the last of Autumn while stacking cord wood, loading the compost pile and prepare the livestock for winter’s frigid beauty. In Nature, we can find perfection and the answer to all of life’s real challenges as well as finding the source of inner peace and contentment. Man is only a micro fraction of a perfect system that never stops changing its appearance, its course or its purpose. Here is an hour and half film that will take you on a journey around the world to places most of us would never know existed. The rugged and yet fragile beauty of the planet never ever ceases to amaze me.
Part of total health involves psychological health. Meditation and relaxation are critical to your physiological wellbeing. This film affords you a visual meditation tool. As you watch, practice your focus. Let the scenes absorb you and leave the manmade stress behind for the time. Escape into the diversity and artistic scenes created by nature, not egotistical man. Forget you are a consumer for a while and become the human animal that is a part of this wonderful natural force. Keep in mind that none of natural life depends on budgets, taxes, politics, regulations, bureaucracy, war, or any other man contrived mechanisms designed to domesticate and control the human race by removing the important natural instincts and behaviors within us all.

I realize that many people do not have 90 minutes to spare in their busy day and that saddens me. So this post is for all of you who DO NOT have the time to experience the planet’s most amazing works of art… for free and from the comfort of your home. Carpe Diem.

June 19, 2014

We have all heard of the Praying Mantis and many of you have even been lucky to have seen one.  The ferocious predator fears nothing (as you will see) and knows no limit to its appetite.  When it comes to managing insect pests they rule the roost however, they do not differentiate between beneficial and harmful insects, so they will attack, spiders, bees, butterflies and other predatory bugs which accomplish most of the pest control on their own due to their higher population numbers.

Witness a master of disguise, an expert at stealth, patience and pereverence, not to mention courage.  We can each benefit by adopting a little mantis behavior in our own lives. In the hour long documentary I could not help but notice the re-affirmation that ALL living things share the same behavior…driven by the same triggers.

May you always experience Nature in the way that only a part of Nature can witness…or, if you can’t find the time, you can just watch the clips below.

My strongest suggestion is: Do yourself a big justice and find the time.  Get absorbed with it’s beauty, diversity and boldness.  Be a part of LIFE beyond your self.

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For those who desire a more in depth look at the Mantis here is an hour documentary that has some amazing footage.  I respect the person who has the patience and commitment to collect film footage like this.  That’s what you call dedicated. Enjoy.

Being a plant growth manager, I have witnessed may amazing behaviors while at my “field office”.  Here is a video that takes a look at some of these plant behaviors and compares them with our own.  WARNING: This is a top level mind expander. Watching this may change the way you view things around you. Take the plunge!



June 1, 2013

People are kept so busy these days.  We have routines and habits that help comfort us through the stress, yet those routines and habits tend to deprive us of truly experiencing the essence of the other 97% of the earth’s occupants.  To only be aware of human “things” everyday that you are alive is like going on a dream vacation somewhere great and spending the whole time in the hotel room watching TV.

This video is one of my favorites and I knew it had to be the premiere post to this Natures-Wonders page. It was made by a very patient nature filmmaker using high speed cameras. The title is Pollination. Take a few short minutes to experience these fascinating moments that continually occur somewhere every day without human observation.  In slow motion it becomes absolutely amazing! Witness the parts of life on planet earth that most people completely miss. Add some real natural wonder into your life.  Watch a humming bird chasing a fly in mid air and a mother bat carrying her offspring in full flight and feeding among other awe inspiring events.  Enjoy the glimpse into the “others” routines and their daily lives.

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when it came time to die, discover that I had not lived.”

Henry David Thoreau

October 2013

Watch this 2 min. time lapse photography video of a satelite’s journey around the world at night.

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