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With the price of transportation climbing once again and the value of the dollar declining we will all be facing a challenge this summer.  Eating healthy on a budget will be the key to getting through this escalating crisis. When faced with economic challenges many US families are drawn into the trap of low quality food substitutes.  It is a diabolical trap to say the least.  Tasty and cheap “fast foods” present a very risky fare. Considering that the large majority of ALL processed foods and beverages in the USA contain genetically modified corn and/or soy bean ingredients, and those GMO crops are heavily sprayed with chemical insecticides and herbicides (Round-Up Ready) in order to maximize yields and profits, the families on a budget are drastically risking their health. It is sad to realize that our society, after doing so well demonizing the effects of the chemical additives in tobacco, does absolutely nothing to demonize the chemicals in our nation’s food and water supply. Not everyone smokes but everyone eats and drinks, yet the FDA fails to protect the people from the powerful commercial food and chemical industries.  The US Surgeon General, the FDA and the Department of Agriculture all advocate and urge everyone to eat more fruits and vegetables . Nine servings a day! So people go to the supermarket and buy more fruits and vegetables.  Great!

Everyone is now eating healthy right? WRONG! In order to stock the produce shelves and make  corporate sized profits, the food is heavily sprayed with numerous chemicals in the field and coated with wax or preservatives for the long haul to the market.

We are told in the media that people are eating more fruits and vegetables, they have quit smoking, they are using sugar free and low fat everything and they are taking their prescription meds faithfully all in the name of lowering risk of death and disease.  Well, something is seriously wrong with that strategy.  You see, if the media advice was correct and beneficial, the cancer and heart disease rates in the US would have decreased. After all, we were repeatedly reminded that smoking was to blame right? There was too much fat in our diets right? Too much sugar was destroying the teeth of American children and creating an overweight society. So America quit smoking, traded butter for margarine, traded cane sugar for aspartame and some diabolical genius in a lab coat  spiked toothpaste and the water supply with fluoride because “someone” (industrial lobbyist) said it was the best thing to do. Contrary to the best and most beneficial advice of the mainstream, cancer and heart disease rates have been increasing and so have the incidences of autism spectrum disorders in children and the occurrence of pre-mature births.

The only definitive way to reduce personal health risks is to eliminate manmade chemicals from our food, water and household products. Eating a natural organic diet in the way that we were born to do will nourish our bodies, strengthen our immune systems and maintain internal equilibrium.  If lead in our paint and gasoline is bad, then what (or who) makes chlorine and fluoride in our water and rat poison sweeteners or chemical dyes in our food supply OK?  Don’t get me wrong…I’m all for a free market which in turn warrants a “buyer beware” intelligence however, not to require the proper and honest labeling of it all is downright evil and malicious.

I have witnessed many times how a healthy organic food diet can heal and cure the body. A healthy diet rich in fresh organic food is the best medicine.  If you want to live a long and healthy life you really need to stop eating chemicals or frankenfood and start eating REAL FOOD.


July 2015

In order to enable those who are wise enough to care about what they eat to become more adept at navigating the turbulent and cyclonic waters of the GMO food gauntlet that has infiltrated all public food providers from supermarkets to local farmers markets,  I have posted the latest Non-GMO Project Standards list of high risk foods and ingredients on the All New Post page.  Just because things are local it does not mean they are not tainted by GMOs.  Buyer beware!



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